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We house the finest quartz worktops that are sure to illuminate any space they are placed in. Like other worktops, our quartz worktops are supplied from reliable suppliers both in the UK and abroad and the stones are subjected to further quality control processes to ensure we provide nothing less than the best products to our customers. Our Quartz worktops comes with a minimum 10 years warranty.

Quartz slabs are basically made of the natural mineral dubbed “quartz”. A quartz slab is composed of 90% to 95% of quartz mineral and 5% to 10% of engineered resins, polymers and colouring. Quartz worktops are hard wearing, feels and behave like natural stone with added features such very low absorption rate ( almost zero 0.02). Hence Quartz worktops considered non-porous, durable and engineered to mimic natural stone patterns.

Over the years we have come to the realisation that quartz is more preferred by our customers. Reasons being that, unlike natural stones like granite and marble, quartz can be curated many variations. This attribute is due to the 5% engineering involved in its production. In addition, quartz can be used as raw materials to create glass infusions and marble replica. At our factory, you can order a wide range of solid colors, designs and patterns. We have something for everyone.

Quartz offers enormous benefits which make it the engineered stone with the highest demand in the UK and other countries across the globe.

Some of the benefits of using quartz include:

  • Being engineered through modern processes, they can be incorporated into the creation of contemporary and sophisticated designs.
  • They come in wider varieties compared to other stones as such they have garnered wide use cases in both commercial and domestic projects.
  • Unlike granite, quartz worktops require no sealing
  • Quartz worktops are highly resistant to scratches & mid temperature, thus, making them your best bet for kitchen countertops.
  • Non-porous, like natural worktops in terms of design and behaviour.
  • Wide range of colours available for indoor and outdoor applications at affordable price.

We are approved fabrication for all quartz suppliers in the UK, Such: Silestone, Ceaserstone, Compac, Cmabria Stone, Stone Italiana, Cimstone, Quartzforms.. and so on. This makes your worktop have at least 10 years warranty.

We have a wide range of quartz stones available at our marble factory & showroom. We openly welcome our customers to visit and witness the different ranges available in stock. Our quartz worktop and quartz kitchen worktop are one of the best quality worktops you will find across London.

Our turnaround time is very customer friendly since we care a lot about customer satisfaction. We can produce your ordered templates and install the quartz worktop within 7 to 8 days. This amount of service time is the best you will find in the stone industry based in the UK. It is important to note that we do not compromise on quality even if we try our best to deliver the quartz worktop, granite worktop and marble worktop to our customers in the mentioned time.

On the other hand, we offer our services at market competitive prices so you will find the best quartz worktop quote, granite worktop quote and marble worktop quote via our company. Furthermore, we also offer the option of choosing and ordering your quartz worktop and worktops made out of other stones online. Our worktops online service is very smooth and we deliver through it with the same dedication as with our traditional outlets. Our customers can also avail the service bespoke stone worktops and bespoke granite worktop. We value the choices of our customers and also advise them on what stone and design will meet their requirements the best. In the end, customers are one our most important priorities and we don’t compromise on customer care and satisfaction.

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Thickness:20mm | Material: Quartz
Thickness:20mm | Material: Quartz