Templating and Site survey:

After consultation stage our surveyor equipped with your order model (mock-up) visit you to take accurate measurements and discuss various requirements best suits your setup. We will advise for further preparation while we fabrication your products. For example, kitchen worktops requires kitchen cabined to be fully levelled and secured while all appliances and worktops’ attachment need to be present onsite, if there is weak support or an area need further preparation we will advise immediately to ready before fitting allocated.

While accurate measurements being taken, we will make sure there is rigid support for our product, safe fits and highlight best practicable advice.

Our measuring kit includes laser measuring for complicated products while we rely mainly on templating using corex plastic sheets. Those sheets form a visual and hard copy of your product for you to see, feel and advise about changes that best suits your requirements.

Projects measuring followed by checking procedures through checklist making sure all delivered products are exactly fabricated to our site survey with your requirements in mind.

Surveyor is part of our installation team and mainly will be present onsite upon fitting, delivering your worksurface with keen attention to finishing touches and your requirements are met.