At Granitesworktops our machineries can process: Quartz, Marble, Granite, Sintered stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, Onyx, Limestone, Sandstone, basalt, slate and glass.

Most common application according to materials:


Quartz, mainly used for indoor application such quartz kitchen worktops, vanity tops and splashbacks.


Marble, most of order will be for bathrooms and stairs, such bespoke tile, marble vanity top and bath surround.

Sintered Stone:

Sintered Stone, we mainly fabricate ultra compact surfaces for heavy used areas such commercial kitchens worktops, facades & counters, residential worktops and decorative panels for cabinets and cladding.


Onyx, mainly used as decorative counters and lit bathroom walls or panels. Onyx transparent nature also used in our fabrication unit for luxury automated light stairs.


Sandstone our main contractors order sandstone to be cut to suits outdoor patios, pavements and garden stairs.


Limestone is number one bathroom cladding after marble. Due to its cream neutral colour, durability, and suits most common public aeras.

Basalt and slate:

Basalt and slate fabricated mainly to fireplaces, roof tiles, window sills and barbeque areas. Heat proof material and low maintenance against the elements.

We manufacture worktops, fireplaces, custom cut tiles, vanities, facades, counters and splashbacks. Our workshop shape and cut to size those products from large slabs while thickness ranges from 3 mm to 100 mm thick.

Stone worktops or hard worksurfaces is our main selling products and its manufacturing involve cutting various style and designs to worktop attachments and appliances along with shaping and polishing edge profiles. Most common cut outs for kitchen worktops listed below along with prices:


Type Picture Fabrication Price
Slope Sink slope sink square 1025 by 600 height From £200
Recessed Sink Square recessed sink square corners From £300
Recessed Sink Rounded recessed sink rounded corner 600 px height From £400
Undermounted SINK overmounted sink no grooves 1040 x 600 height £200
Overmounted SINK overmounted  sink £150
Belfast / Butler SINK Butler - Belfast SINK Blanco Stainless £200


Type Picture Fabrication Price
Recessed Hob / flush fit flush fit hob £300
Overmounted Standard Hob downdraft top mounted £150


Type Picture Fabrication Price
Slope Drainers Square slope sink square 1025 by 600 height £200
Slope Drainers Rounded slope sink rounded edge 550 px high £250
Set of Five Drainers Grooves driner grooves standard 600px high £100
Drainers Grooves Design drainer grooves style £150
Drainers Grooves Design drainer grooves style £150


Type Picture Fabrication Price
Square Pencil square pencil corner Free with worktop
Square Chamfer square chamefered corner px Free with worktop
Rounded 1P/2P 1p rounded corner px £10
Rounded CD 100 mm CD 100mm rounded corner worktop £20
Rounded Cabinet 270 mm rounded 270 mm corner worktop £40

Popup sockets:

Type Picture Fabrication Price
Flush Fit sockets flush fit socket 600px £200
Overmounted pop-up overmounted socket px £40
Electric sockets with top flush fit electrick socket with top £100

Downdrafts and ventilation:

Type Picture Fabrication Price
Flush Fit – Recessed dwondraft flush fit £200
Overmounted downdraft top mounted £40