Granites Worktops

Due to its exquisite nature and our position in the heart of London, we have always had a high demand for our granite worktops. And this stone has been a longstanding member of the British stone industry.

Granite is, unarguably, one of the strongest and most glamorous natural stone today. This natural stone is formed from slow crystallization of magma present underneath the Earth’s surface. The beauty of granite is not one that is hidden. It always makes a bold statement wherever it is placed – both in exterior and interior projects. Each granite worktop is designed with a unique and beautiful pattern that you may likely never find in another stone.®

Quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities. As such, we ensure we get our quality raw materials from reliable suppliers both in the UK and abroad. This natural stone typically comes in varying colors and graining pattern due to the difference in geographical locations and mineral composition, giving it the uniqueness that everyone seeks. Crafted using our CNC machines to your order.

Granite is used to bring colour and life to any space. Its unique features have helped it garner the love and appreciation of people across the globe. Its strength and durability coupled with the uniqueness and glamour of each stone makes it perfect for buildings, bridges, monuments, and paving. These features also make it the go-to choice for polishing slabs and tiles used to create tile floors, stair treads, luxurious countertops, and a host of other projects.

To maintain our stand as one of the best stone finishing companies in the UK, we ensure that our customers get the best possible products in the UK and abroad. Quality has always been our secret ingredient. We source granites coated with a granite shield that protects it from environmental elements. This innovative stain protection technology ensures that our product last for as long as possible without losing its texture or quality with a minimum 10 Years anti-stain warranty.

Yes, we can arrange visit to our stone yard supplier. We also can provide you high resolution images for current granite stock along with slab measurement helping you identify right colour at minimum cost and wastage.

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